FREE: MS Outlook app for iOS and Android!

If you like Outlook on your desktop or laptop computer, you have probably found the stock email and calendar programs for iOS and Android somewhat lacking.

Recently, Microsoft purchased a great little app maker called Acompli ( and converted it into the mobile version of Outlook. I think it works extremely well and I would suggest that you try it out. It’s is easy to use and best of all it’s FREE!


This is also the first calendar app that I have found to be reliable for adding or accepting meetings on my cell phone.  While many calendar apps will allow you add and edits calendar entries on your phone, most fall short when it comes to having the app sync up with your desktop calendar (2-way syncing), Microsoft seems to have solved this problem.


You can learn more about Outlook for iOS and Android at: [cryout-button-dark url=”#”]A deeper look at Outlook for iOS and Android[/cryout-button-dark].

Outlook snapshots

You can download Outlook for iOS for FREE at:  [cryout-button-light url=”#”]Outlook for iOS[/cryout-button-light] and a preview of [cryout-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Outlook for Android[/cryout-button-color].

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