Goodbye 2015… Hello 2016!!!


This was a New Year’s message from my good friend at ACT, Inc., Carl Forbes:

“As much as we grew attached to it, 2015 has passed on. Let’s take a few moments to contemplate it’s passing. It is time to learn from and let go of our past and embrace our newest addition, 2016.

Whether you make New Year resolutions or not, I urge you to join me in choosing to make 2016 even better than this past year. Choose to make something special happen in the year to come.

Consider completing a project long overdue. Make that transition you’ve been contemplating. Sell that house. Get that new job. Find that new companion. Make that long paper…

Come on. Let’s do it. The time is right.

2016 is here …. Celebrate.

Happy New Year!”

Carl Forbes

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